Our Story


IDLE HANDS, DC's freshest interactive bar for drinkers with a gaming problem

Located above Atlas Arcade, IH is like the older brother that always shows up in that sweet, tricked-out Camaro trying to impress that rocker girl with the big hair. Too cool for most arcades, he prefers games of real skill. Our unique neon-church décor is like none other in DC and is the perfect 90s cocoon while you imbibe in our selection of high-end craft beers, wine and unique cutting-edge original cocktails.

We are a Board Game Bar with a twist.

The game has begun…

Lead Staff

Erik Holzherr

Giancarlo Zerega
Cocktail Director

"Sweet Val"
Wine Director


Erika Goedrich
Beer Consultant

Rachel Wallach (@rachelwallach)
Mural Artist

Mike O'Brien (@redtablepress) 
Mural Artist